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I have been living in Sellia for large parts of the year since 2017.

The first contact with Plakias I had was in May 1994. The second took place in the same year in mid-September/beginning of October and that’s when I caught the Plakias/Crete virus, at the same time as I decided that I absolutely had to learn Greek. Which I implemented at the adult education center semester winter 1995. Since then, the language has accompanied me and I am very grateful to my landlady Eleni that I was able to practice the verbal side with her over the many, many years that I have visited Plakias.

My current Greek is still a long way from being perfect, but in Greek everyday life I get along very well with my knowledge, … I can usually manage (almost) everything in Greek. The language classes I have enjoyed so far have also given me a solid grammatical + orthographic foundation.
In this respect, I see myself in a good position to teach language beginners the very first basics.

In addition to this website, I also run a blog (beyond tourist information) about Plakias and the surrounding area:

Im Süden Kretas – Plakias im Finikas (currently still under reconstruction + temporarily you are still standing in front of the closed gate …)

Also in: German